Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment in our clinic with Dr.Osman FIRATLI Methode

A very successful treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa (rod-cone dystrophy) was first applied by Dr.Osman Firatli in our clinic. We believe that our medically proven Success and the results of the treatment are much more precious than thousand words. These visual fields are thousandfold documented and can be called anytime if the patients request in this respect.
Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment Method 1
Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment Method 2
Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment Method 3
Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment Method 4
We have presented this by ourselves developed method in several World-Congresses many times.
  • ICMART 2007 Barcelona/Spain
  • ICMART 2008 Budapest/ Hungary
  • ICMART 2009 Thessaloniki / Greece
  • ICMART 2010 Riga/ Latvia
  • ICMART 2011 Den Haag / Holland
  • ICMART 2012 Athens / Greece
In these World-Congresse I have proved the improvements of my patients with Visionfieldtests and OCT’s compared before and after my treatment. Since 2003 we practice this successful treatment over more than 5000 Patients suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa , Stargardt’s Disease , Usher Syndrome , Bardet- Biedl Syndrome , Refsum and Alport Syndromes.

Success rate:

In medicine stopping the patient from getting worse is seen as a great success. For us ; we describe our success of treatment if any improvement of visual field test of patient is present. In this aspect, our success rate is more than 95 percent and the improving effect of our treatment is permanent. So the improvement thanks to our treatment is expected not to be damaged again. Our treatment method and strategies are unique! Retinitis pigmentosa cure retinitis pigmentosa treatment retinitis pigmentosaretinitis pigmentosa treatment retinitis pigmentosa cure


  1. junaid shamim

    please tell in brief what u actually do-surgery or through medication
    what impact treatment will have on renal transplant patient and those having compromised renal function
    cost of treatment
    duration of stay at hospital

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